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Stephen Patota

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Since moving to Cincinnati to attend CCM in 2007, Stephen Patota has been an extremely active member of the music scene. Busy as a performer, he has had the opportunity to play with such groups as The Happy Maladies, SHADOWRAPTR, Lazy Heart, Gorges, and Whitfield Crocker. With these ensembles, Stephen has toured throughout the nation and recorded numerous albums, all while focusing on developing a positive scene of new music here in Cincinnati. When he is not playing original music, Stephen finds time to keep a busy schedule of freelancing as a guitarist and bassist, allowing him the chance to engage with musicians and constantly learn new and exciting music. As a composer and arranger, his work has been performed by classical chamber ensembles, modern jazz collectives, and punk bands. For the past three years, Stephen has dedicated much of his efforts to teaching. He has had the privilege of working at summer camps and giving lectures at Universities, but mostly he enjoys developing his own method of private instruction. Having taught at Madeira Music School, Willis Music, and privately, Stephen has developed years of experience working with students of all ages and backgrounds. He has taught jazz, rock, blues, country, folk, and various styles of pop, working with each student to pursue his or her own stylistic interests. A lifelong student of music, Stephen is constantly seeking new ways to expand his style of teaching. He finds great joy in helping his students challenge themselves to keep learning and growing. Stephen emphasizes a strong foundation of musicianship through singing and ear training, while encouraging his students to learn the joys of reading music. With these fundamental skills, his students can be free to explore the many aspects of music in which they are interested. He would love to work with you!
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