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Keith Lykins

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Hi, My name is Keith Lykins. I have been teaching and performing in the Tri-State area for many years. I Teach Rock, Pop and Contemporary Guitar, Classical Guitar, Slap, Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Blues Guitar, Songwriting, Flatpick Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Bluegrass and Country, Composition and Music Theory I also teach Transposing - How to hear a song and writing it down, Chart reading/writing and comping. The instruments I teach are 6 string Electric Guitar Acoustic Steel string and Classical Guitar as well as 9 String Drum Guitar My approach to music education is as follows. All students learn differently. Though I do teach you to read music if desired, I do not force music notation reading. Some form of reading (whether standard notation, chart reading or modern figured bass) evolves naturally as you learn to play the music that YOU love. I utilize the SEED Program when requested by students. This is a series of exercises which develop and enhance focus and concentration skills. It was developed by myself and head instructor Jeff Adams to help children and adults with concentration and ADHD related issues. It was developed through my studies in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai’ Chi, TCM and Neuroscience. There are several manuals/books available through me regarding this program. Education/Degrees - Bachelors Degree, Classical Guitar Performance. Ohio Teaching certificate – Grades 1 – 8. Further studies in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar. Second Degree Black Belt - Shaolin Kung Fu. I have many years of teaching experience at the adult level. I taught at Sinclair College where I ran the Classical and Jazz Guitar program for five years. I have also taught at the elementary and high school level. I have been teaching music lessons for over 20 years.
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PO Box 474
Hanover PA, 17331

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