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Barry Stenulson

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I started improvising on the piano at age five and discovered a love for music. I took four years of piano lessons at age six and learned fundamentals of written music and music theory. At age 12, I taught myself guitar. At age 18, I taught myself banjo and at age 23, Mandolin and fiddle. I played in a rock n roll band in my teen years and after my college years I played guitar in a country band. My one claim to fame was a world-wide Chet Atkins guitar contest where I competed as one of 16 semifinalists in 1970. My wife and I have performed Gospel music in churches for 32 years. I currently play guitar for our church worship team and my son who also is self-taught, plays mandolin. I have been teaching for ten years and absolutely love it. I teach all ages and especially enjoy working with children. I teach most fields of music. I am58 years old. I specialize in fingerstyle guitar teaching all levels and fields except hard rock and heavy metal. I teach banjo and mandolin, all levels, and piano and violin/fiddle, begiunner and intermediate levels. I can also teach electric bass, accordian, and harmonica. I teach by note, tablature, or by ear. Lessons are designed to meet the goals and needs of the student and can include a broad spectrum of music or a specialized area. My personality is laid back and easy-going but I do expect students to work at it, and to have fun with it.

  1. As a self-taught musician, I am able to teach by ear, the instruments I play. Students who have a natural ear benefit most by this method. I teach by written music or by tablature, or both. My lessons are geared toward the needs and goals of the student and can go from very simple to very advanced. My philosophy of teaching is to incorporate a broad spectrum of musical styles for greater music appreciation. The only fields of music I do not teach are hard rock, acid rock, or heavy metal. My favorite music to play for my own enjoyment is classical and contemporary worship; however, I enjoy jazz, blues, and latin rhythms as well as bluegrass and folk. I love the guitar the most and teach every style in the above categories. I specialize in the Chet Atkins style and teach all levels. I teach all levels of banjo and mandolin and beginner/intermediate levels of fiddle (or violin) and piano. I could also teach accordian and have taught electric bass and harmonica. My students range in age from age 4 to age 88. My personality is laid back and easy-going and I have the patience of Job in the Bible. I like my students to work hard but to have fun and have a rewarding experience.
  2. Teaching methods: by note, tablature, by ear Instruments taught: guitar-all styles and fields except hard rock and heavy metal, specialty in fingerstyle, all levels. Banjo and mandolin-all levels. Piano and violin/fiddle, beginner/intermediate levels. Also electric bass, accordian, and harmonica. Lessons are geared from very simple to very advanced designed to meet the goals and needs of the student.
  3. I also offer lessons on the mountain dulcimer which is not listed among the instruments I teach
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PO Box 474
Hanover PA, 17331

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