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Chris Rupp

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Chris Rupp is a Berklee alumnus and founder/instructor of GuitArmy. Chris has been teaching at Menchey Music for 20 years. He also currently teaches online guitar lessons to students all over the world. He has taught more than 30,000 individual guitar lessons over the last 20 years. Chris earned his Bachelor's of Music degree from Berklee College of Music. Chris is also an online guitar course instructor to more than 6000 students in more than 88 countries on Udemy, Skillshare, and GuitArmy.

I tailor my lessons to achieve the goals of each student. My lessons are fun and relaxed. I like my students working from a book along with material that I provide. My goal as an instructor is to teach you the physical skills as well as the music theory information you need to achieve your goals. I find that if I teach very solid guitar skills to a student they are prepared to perform any music genre they come across. I like to teach the music theory behind the skills but I'm also very big on using and demonstrating those skills. I love teaching students the songs they wish to play. I also like to spend time on improvisation and creating music. Whether you're a total beginner, intermediate, advanced guitar player, songwriter, lead guitarist, etc. I can help make you a better guitar player.

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Once you sign up for online guitar lessons I will contact you and we can set up a weekly time for the lessons.

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Hanover PA, 17331

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